Crescent Frame

$55 $65
The Crescent Frame or the masjid fridge magnet (if they still give them out…)

For many people, this can be a difficult decision. For others, it’s a no brainer.
But what is the difference between the two and which is better?

Timings are readily available on the Adnan app, google or the masjid magnet. By using using the apps, you end up opening your phone to check the timings but also get distracted into checking your text messages, email, social media, etc. I know you already know this because you’ve “been there, done that”.

But, what about the Crescent Frame. You won’t have to constantly check your phone for the timings. You can also rest assured that it is something you can use every Ramadan.

Now, I get it. Not everyone wants to opt for the luxury frame, and that is okay. But for you reading this - the one thinking about how it fits perfectly with your home aesthetic, decor, kids age, etc—make sure you order soon. Ramadan Decor Items ALWAYS sell out fast

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