Never found without a to-do list, I am a serious Type A (probably because of my pharmacy background). And I guess that’s a pretty good place to start. I always get labelled an overachiever, and that’s down to my ambition and work ethic. But at risk of me sounding like I’m just listing a bunch of ‘soft skills’ from my CV, let me tell you why. Flashback to when I was married working in corporate America, I found myself trapped. While I was pregnant I got to explore more of my internal soul searching that I needed. I had a traumatic miscarriage at 16 weeks and I named my daughter Imaan which means Faith in Arabic. Within months I was divorced but I knew this is what would have been best for me according to Gods plan. Imaan wasn’t meant for this world but I continue to strive to be the mother that I wanted to be for her.
And that’s where Imaan by Faiza Khan was born. What started as an Instagram page transformed into a luxury customization business, and I couldn’t be more proud of the journey. It is possible for women to overcome difficulty, failure, miscarriage, divorce etc. Now, as young entrepreneur who is doing nothing other than her career I really found out that I was born to tell my story and push women towards ambition.
 With the driving passion of IMAAN that we built this brand on, we stand proudly by our waterproof stainless steel and layers of real 18-karat gold plating that NEVER rusts or tarnishes. All Imaan jewelry is covered with a Lifetime Warranty. So if your item ever fades, rusts, or tarnishes (which it never should), we'll always replace it.